Properly trained, a man can be a dog's best friend

Here are a few testimonials from some of our clients:

Since the first time that Martin and I laid eyes on a Vizsla, we knew that this was the dog/ new member for our family. We have two children one being 4 and 10 years old and knew that the Vizsla breed had such a calm and gentle personality. Since speaking with you last January and said you have a female for us we were floored. Her name was picked out " Frankie", everything was bought and ready for her for when she arrived to her new home.

It was such a great and easy experience in receiving her. You did such a wonderful job in booking all here travel arrangements to Vancouver all we had to do was wait at the airport for her arrival. Frankie is the most, gentle, sweet, cuddly family member that we were wanting. The love and affection and loyalty she show is very remarkable. Despite the high energy of a Vizsla you need to be able to give them lots of outdoor exercise every day. I am so attached to Frankie that we could not have asked for a better family member. Cheri you have really outdone yourself and provided exceptional care, love and compassion for all the baby Vizsla's that you had right from the birth. Frankie is doing so well she just fits right in. She loves running, playing with the kids, swimming and most of all loves to cuddle. We truly found the best companion in Frankie.

Kim and Martin Zemlak, Vancouver, B.C.

Great to hear from you, Amanda and myself have been meaning to send you an e-mail for some time now, to thanks you again for helping us bring such a great new member to our family.

Copper has been so good to us so far, and we cannot go out in public with him, without someone commenting on how "beautiful" of a dog he is.

He is so loving and we often wonder what we did without him. He absolutely loves his surrounding here in Innisfil, spending lots of time swimming in the lake and out on the boat with us during the summer. He has become a bit spoiled with our trips up north to the cottage as well, where he spends most of his time running and hunting in the forest, and when he's not doing that he's swimming and gallivanting around by the shore.

Again, thank you so much for taking such good care of Copper before we were able to take him home, his temperament and energy are likely the best traits he has, which we believe comes directly from your care for him as a puppy.

Here are some pic's of him throughout the summer and into the winter.


Cory Mountain

Congratulations on your website....Tucker is doing extremely well. He is our big velcro puppy for 9 months, our little spider monkey, has to see and smell everything that we have in our hands. He is loved by all who see him. My guys cannot get enough of him and nor can the pet store. Tucker knows when we are getting close to the pet store, excitement and anticipation is within him. Thanks very much for Tucker and all the best for Dream Vizsla!

The Carriere's

We were looking for a new puppy and changing breeds after many years. After researching many different breeds, we decided to explore the possibility of having a Vizsla take over our lives Our search led us to Cheri @ Dreamvizslas.

We were able to visit prior to making a decision, to meet Cheri and see how her puppies were cared for, as well as the adult dogs, including the dam and sire of the litter to be born. It was very evident when we met, Cheri's love for the breed, her own dogs, and their puppies. The house raised puppies are loved, handled and unrelentlessly cared for. Cheri provides them with early social stimulation and exposes them to a variety of animals and situations so that they are well adapted and confident in their environment.

Cheri impressed us with her superb knowledge of the breed and her dedication to maintaining a high standard with her breeding program.

When we picked up our puppy, Finn, he was well on his way to potty training and crate training. He was happy, inquisitive and full of personality.

Finn is a beautiful boy, intelligent, well adapted and structurally sound. He has brought so much joy to our lives with his fun loving personality.

We have kept in contact with Cheri and she has been a great resource for any questions that we have had along the way.

We know that we will always have a Vizsla in our lives and highly recommend Dream Vizslas for anyone looking to enrich their lives with a Vizsla.


Marilyn and Steve Bantock